Reactivating the Station

Realistically, I haven’t been on air much in the last 7 years. Other interests and real life have seen tinkering with amateur radio come a distance last to everything else.

Occasionally I would have a listen around the band, make a half-hearted CQ DX call, or try to contact that station in amongst the pileup, usually turning off the rig some 30 minutes later.

However, thanks to a renewed interest by some of the people who helped me get into the hobby, and with some of my newer friends taking the opportunity to get licensed themselves, I find myself growing in enthusiasm to get back on air.

As part of this, I felt I would also bring back my website. Sadly much of the information from the original 2008 website has been lost, but some still remains and will make it up here eventually.

Thanks for joining on this new adventure!